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About Us

AFFA Tiles Company

AFFA TILE COMPANY is incorporated in 1999 at Chennai. The humble beginning started with supply of terracotta products to retailers in Chennai Market. By knowing the demand of products and lack of professionally managed suppliers for the projects, in later year we have extended our supply to builders and developers in this region.

The experience gained in this filed, for more than a decade helped us to understand the demands and expectation of market. These facts learned from the experience and proper understanding of client’s needs, inspired us to provide new products in terracotta.

In due course of time, as a part of expansion we have setup offices at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kochi, and Hyderabad. This helped us to closely understand requirement and supplying the terracotta building materials in sync with the project needs.

Why We ?

A track record of 15 years in the industry made is trusted suppliers for Terracotta building materials and other roofing solutions. Providing our customers with wide range of terracotta products is our motto.
In order to meet this, we have our productions facility, we have tie ups with factories in India, Europe and other Asian countries.
Quality products, timely supply prompt customer support are few of our qualities made if popular among connoisseurs of Terracotta products.
Our client list includes top builders of country, creative architects and passionate home makers.

What is Terracotta ?

Terracotta is an Italian word for baked earth. As commonly known, terracotta or clay building materials are used since pre historic days. These things include Bricks, Roof tiles, Floor tiles and so many other products to make the building aesthetically appealing. The basic production starts from choosing the right clay. This is processed by powdering and adding optimum amouont of water. This semi solid clay in light brown colour can be moulded to desired shape. Natural sun drying is required, before it is baked. Once this is baked this will attain brownish Red Colour (also called as Terracotta Color) and strength with stone like character. These products can be used for exterior or interiors as it is highly resistant to natural weathering action and as a Natural Product this is 100% toxic free.