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AFFA Tile Company deals with terra cotta products  required for construction  and interior decoration purposes. The product list includes roofing tiles,ceiling tiles,wall tiles,floor riles,wire cut bricks, partition bricks etc. Affa tiles has had more than a decade of experience in the field of terra cotta.Our terra cotta products are manufactured with stringent quality control techniques.Affa tiles supplies regularly to leading builders, architects and civil engineers who acknowledge our quality and prompt supplies.

Our Major products include weathering tiles,decorative tiles,ceiling tiles,wall tiles,floor tiles,wire cut bricks and partition blocks.

Our presence can be felt the very moment one sets foot in Chennai, as the notable work done by AFFA encompasses the Chennai International Airport and goes on to include several Central and State Government projects and classy and expansive bungalows.



   Advantages of using weathering tile...
  • Natural
  • Good Thermal Insulator
  • Sound Insulator
  • Less Maintenance cost.
  • A Medically proved material for health


   Concrete using terra cotta blocks

Terra cotta roofing is an emerging trend in the construction industry. Usage of the terra cotta Hollow Blocks and Hollow channel blocks reduces the cost and will give economical benefits,heat proofing,reduced dead weight and a simple and rapid construction which saves the construction time. Read


   Is your house leaking?

We have the simplest technical remedy to stop the leakage of R.C.C roof or any other roof including Stone slab roof. It is very economical, eco- friendly and easy to lay. This is the most effective insulator against extreme climatic condition . Due to the heat in the day time the slab will expand and cooling in the night will lead to contraction causing many cracks initially on the ordinary cement roof slab. Once the crack widens the water will enter inside the RCC slab and start wetting inner surface which will lead the falling of water in droplets. The iron bars will start corroding causing increase in volume, consequently enlarging of cracks will cause more leakage of roof. If not checked in the time strength of the building will deteriorate considerably split tiles are an excellent remedy to prevent leakage.Read




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